About Me

Based in Titusville, Patch Learning Center was established in 1989.

We engage your little geniuses in activities and various stimulating activities that are age-appropriate and satisfy their need for play. At Patch Learning Center, we believe in development and learning through play for a child’s character strengthening and cultivation. We have different programs to allow their full creativity, interaction, and mental exercise with other kids to promote holistic learning.

At Patch Learning Center, we realize the significance of early learning. It trains the brain for sensible activities, activates multiple brain sections that cater to learning in interdisciplinary fields, and nurtures social skills that are beneficial in decision-making as well as fostering vigorous relationships in the real world.

What We Offer.

We serve children from the age of six weeks to 12 years. Since our inception, we have served many families in the community. We started with preschool for our little ones and aftercare for our school-age children. In 2005, we started offering VPK to four years old to prepare them further for kindergarten.

Over the years, we have retained our outstanding educational focus and values. Today we are taking Patch Learning Center in the new century with new ideas and innovations to offer to our community and families.

We understand that your child is your most treasured possession, and believe that they should reach their full potential in all aspects at their own pace. At Patch Learning Center, we work together with parents to make children’s experience unforgettable. We value their safety and strive to make our environment as comfortable as possible. Each child is given the maximum amount of attention and care as required.

We ensure our space as a premium option for parents seeking a unique place for their children’s exceptional growth. We incorporate a result-oriented and professional approach and focus on engaging and involving curriculum, activities, and programs that make us a trusted and chosen option across Titusville.

Our Mission.

At Patch Learning Center, we introduce you to the best child care in Florida. We aim to make your child a winner in every aspect of life. That’s why we treat them with constant care while educating them towards their highest potential. We are committed to offering the care and environment for the highest level of development of each child.