Are you trying to get your child to eat those carrots? But after one bite, the plate is pushed away. Would you love it if everyone could be home together for dinner? But unfortunately, schedules don’t work out. Well, we’ve all been there. But even with such occupied lives, it’s still possible to make health and wellness an everyday part of our lives. It’s worth the effort! Here’s how we can give it a try:

  1. Grow Your Own Food.

The best way to get your kids eager and thrilled about vegetables is by growing your own. The process involving picking seeds or seedlings for planting in your garden along with them is a fun and educational activity. Elevate their engagement by watering the plants every day and noticing any changes or growth in it. This way, they will be eager to see the result as of what comes out of the plant they grew with their hands, and then taste it.

  1. Go Outside.

Head outside for a walk, rollerblade, or bike, or take our little one for a play, enjoying the outdoors together! Getting outside offers the much-needed exercise. This morning, consider taking a walk around the neighborhood instead of turning on cartoons, plan a bike ride or rollerblade to the nearby playground, or, play badminton, soccer, or volleyball in your backyard.


  1. Boost Nutrition.

Try this: let each family member choose one or two meals weekly, and set instructions that include a healthy vegetable and starch, and a protein. Another way to boost nutrition is to take your child along for grocery shopping and encourage him/her to help you pick out fruits and vegetables.

At Patch Learning Center, we understand that your child is your most valued possession. We take care of your child’s health like our own. Through our activities and programs, we make our environment as comfortable as possible, just like home! For example, our VPK weekly lessons include cooking and nutrition. Moreover, when your child is enrolled here, our healthy menu comprising nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack for your child makes them accustomed to a healthy habit of consuming foods that nurture body and mind.

If you’re looking for a space as safe as home, choose us, and you won’t be disappointed! If you’re confused, ask a couple that recently enrolled their child and praise about our enriching environment.

Patch Learning Center has been proven to be great for our family. We have been to other centers, but have never felt more at home than here.

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