Is your son hitting his stride with the terrible twos as he enters the second year of his/her life? Have you been wondering what he’s up to? Well, some toddler behaviors drive parents crazy. This article is to remind you that when it happens, your child doesn’t want to annoy you in any way!

Though it is difficult to always remember that when you’re a busy parent and your toddler is not an easy child, but he/she is actually asking how something works, and it’s purpose. Therefore, this article discusses how to embrace and enjoy toddlerhood rather than stressing over tiny things.

Three Toddler Behaviors: Why Do They Occur?

  1. The No’s

“No, I don’t want to brush my teeth.”

“No, I don’t want to eat lunch.”

“No, I don’t want to wear socks.”

Are you struggling to deal with the constant ‘no’ behavior of your toddler? Don’t worry; it’s completely normal. At this age, kids want to become their own individuals and do as they want, which is a part of that process. You can always give them simple reasons, but don’t forget to acknowledge them, so they know their opinions matter.

  1. The Tornado

Throwing away every toy on the floor as soon as they enter the playroom.

Is this something you notice every day? Toddlers are fervent about exploring, discovering, and learning. The best thing is to let them explore and make a mess but also make clean-up time fun with a silly game or song.

  1. The Mike Tyson

Pushing, hitting, and biting.

Isn’t this the part where we get scared the most? No worries, it’s just a phase! Toddlers get quickly frustrated because they are still in the ‘learning to communicate’ phase, as well as to control emotions. These phases lead to their expressions through physical ways, which, at times, may be violent.

At this stage, set up specific and clear rules about acceptable toddler behavior with logical penalties for mischief. Toddlers recurrently try to thrust the boundaries, so consistency is essential to reducing inappropriate physical conduct.

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