“I want it back!”

“I will not share!”


These are some of the common things to hear from your kid. When children are just beginning to learn to share, supporting, and guiding them, along with enjoyable activities, can help them understand these novel concepts. Continue reading to find out how to instill the notion of sharing in kids easily.

  1. Look for social situations.

Take your child to a museum or playground adventure and encourage him/her to share sandbox toys with others and work in a group to do a science experiment or art project.

  1. Share with your child.

Acting as a model to develop any behavior in kids is key because they learn and act what they see and hear. Therefore, by sharing your favorite spot on the couch or a special treat you brought home from work will make them practice those values even when they’re away from home.

  1. Take turns.

Teach your child to take turns by starting with tiny activities such as rolling or tossing a ball. You can also say “my turn” and “your turn” before taking the turn. Board and card games are great for teaching them how to share because it’s played by following the turns rule. Another way is to take turns on swings.

  1. Clean up.

When the winding up time arises, take turns to put toys back into the box. When it’s the time to clear up laundry, share the folding clothes task. Or create a play out of it and see who can get the stuffed animals back in their spots the fastest.

  1. Build it.

Devise a strategy and take turns arranging or stacking blocks and materials. And if you want to turn building something into an interesting game, give Jenga a try!

At Patch Learning Center, we utilize a professional, innovative, and technology-driven approach for a stimulating environment and purposeful and inspiring learning experiences. In our enriching environment, we aim to continue the healthy growth and cultivation of habits to help children in academia and life.

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